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The badge pictured right, was discovered in a box of items purchased from

local charity shop.

Given that the badge is made from cardboard its quite amazing it has managed to survive for over 81 years.

Shown by Courtesy of Jigsaw Member.




Shown by Courtesy of Jigsaw Member.


Above. Four vintage lapel badges related  to 'Gloster Aircraft Company. Which has been firmly linked to Gloucester's past.

One of the most famous company's in British Aircraft Design and Production, Founded in 1917 as Gloucestershire Aircraft Company. It went on to become part of the Hawker Siddeley group in 1963 at which point the company was to disappear under its own name.



3 & 4

The badge of the Gloster Aircraft Company.

Badge of the Gloster Aircraft Social Club.

Badges of the Gloster Aircraft Bowling Club.

We have here a vintage Tankard.

It carries this inscription....

........'To "Reg"

From Officers And Staff

R.A.F Insworth And S.H.Q'

(No presentation year shown)

We know 'R.A.F. Insworth' has a new name in our area today.......

But who was 'Reg'? If you know please let Jigsaw know.

Contact Martin

01452 412471

Rescued from Ebay and brought back home to Gloucester. Shown by Courtesy of a Jigsaw Member.






Shown by Courtesy of a Jigsaw Member.

Above. Five examples of military uniform button associated with


Jigsaw members feel its quite a safe bet to suggest that men from Gloucester would have served among the rank and file of all.






South Gloucestershire Militia. Size. 25mm. Back Mark. Jennens & Co. London. Victorian. Dated. 1855 - 1881. Note. Jennens & Co ceased to trade as a military button maker under its own name in 1924. When it was bought out by a much larger rival company.

North Gloucestershire Militia. We sugest from around the same period as above. Victorian. Size. 25mm. Back Mark. Smith & Wright.

Gloucestershire  Volunteers. Size. 25mm. Back Mark. English Made. Victorian. Therefore we put a conservative date

on this example. Approx 1859 - 1901.

Note. The button is made from horn. We  think it possibly relates to the Gloucester Volunteer Rifles? A variation of design without the bugle horn. Unless you know different. If you do please let us know.

Gloucestershire. 3rd Volunteer Battalion. Victorian.

Size. 24mm. Back Mark. Pearson & Huggins. Bristol. This Battalion, was formed in 1900. During its existance it had its Headquarters in Bristol.

The Gloucestershire Regiment. Size. 25mm. Back Mark. Firmin & Sons Ld London. Dated by the Kings crown. Pre-1953.

If you have similar items like we have so far shown and you would like to copy images of and share them with

Jigsaw Gloucester UK's 'Treasure's of Gloucester Project'

Contact - Martin on 01452 412471

Email. biggles57@btinternet.com

To find out how you can help / join in.

Can you assist us to assist our members with physical / mental health issues to play a greater part

in the History of Gloucester City? We look forward to hearing from you.

Your comments welcomed.

Below left. Two well loved and played with 'Dinky' models of the 'Gloster Javelin'

Below right. The underside of one of the models displaying the makers name & model description.

Shown by Courtesy of a Jigsaw Member.

'Treasure's of Gloucester' come in many formats. Likewise, not all can be found tucked away in draws or in attics'

Like this Post Box carrying a former King's Cypher, from a by gone age.

We reckon thousands of Gloucester residents must have used it to send precious mail over the year's.

Likewise, many of Gloucester's residents still use and pass it by without a glance every day. Situated in plain sight. Just a stones throw away from the present 'Gloucester Tourist Information Centre.

Image taken by a Jigsaw Member. Shown here by Courtesy of same.

November 20th 2017.


'Abbey Gloucester Cathederal'

681- 1981


tin pin badge.

Another item rescued from Ebay and returned to Gloucester.

Shown by Courtesy of a Jigsaw Member.

Not long ago, we published images of this type of aircraft in the form of 'Dinky' models. Now we have an image of the real thing.

Left. An original Glost r Aircraft CO, LTD photograph of the

1st Prototype Gloster Javelin, Registration number. WD804

First flew. October 1951.

Right. The back stamp on the on the above image authenticating it to be  a true 'Treasure of Gloucester'.

Please note. This entry. Under Construction. More information re the fate of 1st prototype of the Gloster Javerlin will be available, and the photographer who took the the image above. Available soon.

Photo by Russel Adams - Glost R Aircraft Co., LTD Official Photographer.

Local Purchase. Shown by Courtesy of a Jigsaw Member.

Under Construction

More Jigsaw 'Treasures of Gloucester'

available soon.