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All our topical News items will be published here. Be sure to check out this page from time to time to see whats been happening in the course of our developement.

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      May 2016

We are delighted to inform you that Costa Coffee situated at

King's Walk Shopping Centre has officially become the first outlet in Gloucester to support Jigsaw activities.  Our thanks goes to Joel and the Management Team of Costa Coffee for their most valued support. To see the nature of support kindly offered.

See Jigsaw's Activity Schedule. Click Here.

May 2016

Jigsaw secures second business support in Gloucester. This time our grateful thanks goes to the proprietor of Sahara Lounge situated in Brunswick Road.

'Please note. A change has taken place since above article was published.  As of 29th September 2016 our free Coffee arrangement in exchange for free adverts for Sahara Lounge on our Jigsaw Gloucester UK & Light Speed Gloucester UK web sites has come to an end. Jigsaw would like to take this opportunity to thank the managment and staff of Sahara Lounge for their kindness and excellent start / support they have given Jigsaw and members since May 2016. In light of, we urge all Jigsaw and members to continue to support this business at present time or when additional future opportunities arise.'

May 2016

Jigsaw is pleased to report that our first awareness session held at 

Costa Coffee on 25th May has been great success.  New people have joined our ranks. In addition. A New activity for Jigsaw was also discussed.  Big thanks to all who supported Jigsaw this time around. Likewise, our thanks goes out to the Managment Team, Joel, and Staff of Costa Coffee King's Walk Shopping Centre Gloucester, without which, none of the above would have been possible. For those interested. We will be back at this venue next week, Wednesday, June 1, 5pm - 7pm. For further information. See Jigsaw Activity Schedule.  Click Here.

May 2016

Another succesful Jigsaw awareness session was held at Sahara Lounge on the 26th May. Again New people came forward to express their interest.



June 2016

Jigsaw granted £500 and offer of further assistance from Gloucester City Council. We would like to say the biggest of thanks to Councillors Jennie Dallimore and Lisa Noakes for paving the way forward for Jigsaw following an email appeal for support. In addition we would also like to thank Gareth Hooper was assigned to be our main contact to comunicate with and action help granted above. Gareth has now moved on to new position and all connected with Jigsaw would like to wish him well for the future.

June - 18th August 2016.

Jigsaw update, Jigsaw members are to be reminded that not all of the driving force behind Jigsaw can be presently observed in the public domain. It has come to our notice that very small number of members have been saying that very little has been done in the period above to advance our aims.

Please note. The present Admin' designed and now maintains the the Jigsaw and Lightspeed web sites. In addition the hosting and domain names for both sites are paid for out of their own pocket, as part of their commitment to Jigsaw. This cuts down our costs. In similar light he does not put in for other expenses at this time. All taxi's to take part in networking meetings, fund raising meets, to raise the profile of Jigsaw are again covered. Again, at no cost to Jigsaw.

The present Admin' has begun networking with other similar groups and profesional sources. This process has had a highly successful start and is still ongoing.

The Jigsaw Admin' has been seeking to form an enlarged

'Admin Team, to carry out certain duties, he can not do, due to severe disablility and other health issues. This is still an onging process. If you want to help by volunteering your services for or become member of Jigsaw please contact Martin at the following email address. biggles57@btinternet.com

On the 17th of August our Admin' was out there again. At a funding meeting which was very productive and could bring us in much needed funds for activity and other additional support.

The main contact for this potential source of new funding is now on leave until September, when our admin' will meet again with, to further discuss.

So as all can now see, much has been done meet Jigsaw aims. Try to see Jigsaw like a Stage Show. You don't see the rehearsals that go on before the main event. You don't see everying that goes into the production behind the scenes.You see only the public performance. You see that and go home. What you do not see is the theatre prepare for its next show. And remember the Jigsaw's web site was only launched on April 21st 2016. Finally, our Admin' hopes this article seeks to clarifie all subsequent further progress made on behalf of Jigsaw, for our  members, and all other interested parties, for the period June - 18th August 2016.

October 1st - December 31st 2016

Firstly, I hope you all had a good time over the Christmas and New Year celebrations. Like all members of Jigsaw, our present Admin has issues and needs which have to tended to. Subsequently, this latest Jigsaw News was delayed. Sorry for the wait. But, as the saying goes. Good things come to those who wait. Read on.

We are pleased to report that our 'Pool, Board and Traditional Pub Games Group' based at Gloucester Conservative Club has been successful in obtaining a 'Small Sparks Spark's grant of £250 from the Barnwood Trust, Gloucester. The money has been used to purchase Pool Que's, cases for same, and chalk. Once the equipment is with us, further discussions will take place with group members in order to open more doors for this activity.

In addition there was an underspend on the Que's etc, so further permissions were obtained from the Barnwood Trust to use said underspend toward the cost of an event to at the Conservative Club to which we will invite all Jigsaw Members and those in the Community who have been key support in the near future.

Some Key members are making progress on the expansion of activities for the Pool Group, Others will be looking at the Gloucester Conservative Club Event.

Outside the above. We have a member working on a provisional list of possible day trips for 2017.  As soon as the list is available. it will be published for all to view on our Jigsaw Web Pages.

Lastly, we have, as promised,  brought on board our first 'Able. Bodied Support' person. His name is Chris. Chris will be helping us to do what we can not due to our own mental health and or disability issues. Some members have already been introduced to Chris, who has already been regularly attending both the Pool Group and Costa Coffee 'Kingwalk' Gloucester awareness sessions. We will move to introduce Chris to all existing members as and when he attends Jigsaw activities in the New Year.

Big thanks to all who have aided Jigsaw to make great progress in 2016. Onwards and upwards, lets look forward to the New Year and 2017.   

August 19th - September 30th 2016

Further meetings have been held during the above period with various profesional contacts and others, from which we can hope to move closer to meeting Jigsaw aims. We continue to strengthen our ties with Gloucester Conservative Club and other interested parties. New ventures, opportunities for Jigsaw to progress, will become evident over next month. Not least, possibilities for a third '.......gloucester.uk' themed web site, designed to reach a unique market, so far, little noticed, and unexplored. Want to know more? Watch this space!!!

January 1st - March 12th 2017.

A planned slow start was made to the new year for Jigsaw. Reason. After every public holiday there is recovery period. This can be when personal / family requirements, are placed, quite rightly, first. Secondly. In today's economic climate, many of us have less disposable income. As a result, there is much less to go round to fuel our own hobbies or interest activities. That said. Have a little patience, wait for all to recover, and a very different

story can be told.

Even in the slow period. There were still those of us still doing. If we had not, Jigsaw, without question, would have come to a grinding halt. As you will soon see from this News update, no grinding halt happened. For we now have members who are beginning to show true team spirit.

Some, are members we have had from the very start of Jigsaw in late April of 2016. Others have joined us in more recent times.  Long or short service, it must be said that its not about how much, or how little we individually do to meet our aims. The common bond between team members is they are 'doing'.

On the other hand, in anything, where group activity is involved there will always be those who join in same, because they like doing a particular activity. Nothing more, nothing less. In my experience, at almost sixty years of age, if my memory serves me right,  there have never been more doer's than non-doer's in any social activity I have been associated with!

Stark truth is, not, every member of a social group has a wish to lead. They quite simply, wish to persue / enjoy an activity that interests them. That's fine I say, because you can not force those who don't want to lead to do so. On the flip side, you also need those who can do. A man I highly respected, in his 90's, once said to me : -

"It's not the length of life that one has on this earth you will be judged by once you are no longer here. Long life, or short, you will be judged by what you achieved in the time allotted

to you by God".

Now lets convert the above quote, for Jigsaw use. My quote : -

"A do'er with Jigsaw may have long length of service. They might have short length of service. That said, each, has put in an effort which grants them equal status during the time frame,

long, or short, 'they wish' to grant to Jigsaw activities and aims".

With the above clarified. Its time to bring all members and other interested parties up to speed on what we have been doing from January 1st - March 12th.

Lets begin with an update from our pool and traditional board games group based the Gloucester Conservative Club. The Pool ques and chalks, made possible through a 'Small Spark's Grant' of £250 from the 'Barnwood' Trust are now in use. To see images of our Pool Players in action etc.

Click Here.

There was an £82.00 underspend on the the above. In light of, Jigsaw made further request to the 'Barnwood' Trust to ask that the underspend be used to provide a free Buffett at the Gloucester Conservative Club. Our request was approved.

This event is now set to take place at Gloucester Conservative Club on March 30th 2017. Times, 12 Noon - Open Ended. Called 'The Big Thanks Buffett', the plan is to invite all associated with the Conservative Club. All Jigsaw members, no matter what activity they take part with us. All who have contributed to the support of Jigsaw since we were formed in late April of 2016. Invites will also be sent, to selected, individuals who have offered further help, not yet actioned. We hope you all will be able to join us to make it a great day. To view full details of of our 'Big Thanks Buffett', see our activity schedule. Click Here.

A Trophy has been purchased for a proposed fund raising pool tournament  / Jigsaw Pool League. We have already approached a local business to sponsor a plate to be inscribed with the business name on the trophy.  A design has already bee produced for a  Jigsaw Pool League Table page. Said page will be linked to our Jigsaw Gloucester UK web site pages when all rules are finalised. Staying with the the above group. More board games have been donated to our stock already held for Jigsaw Members to enjoy. So what else is new for our Jigsaw activities?

'The Market Cafe' Eastgate Street Shopping Centre,

(located within Gloucester Market) has been added to our social places to meet along side Costa Coffee,

(Kingswalk Shopping Centre) and Sahara Lounge,

(3 Brunswick Road Gloucester). See the Jigsaw Activity Schedule, to check dates we will be at all mentioned above. Click Here.

Sahara Lounge was back in our sights again on 20th February 2017, for this was the location that we held our first Jigsaw 'Curry Night'. The evening went so well that Jigsaw members voted on the night that they wanted more. We now hold them at the above location every fortnight. To see images of members enjoying the evening. Click Here.

Some Jigsaw members may know that our present Admin has had an idea for a Jigsaw project, called, 'Art From Home' held on the back burner for some time. We are now pleased to report that

'Art From Home' was formerly launched on March 2nd 2017.

'Art From Home' is an online exhibition of the creative works of Jigsaw Members. Should you wish to see images of this exhibition. Click Here. Details of how to take part in

'Art From Home' are now available. See Jigsaw Activies Schedule. Click Here.

A 'Jigsaw Movie Club' is up and running.  We go to local Cinema venue's. If the movies are thing for you. For further details on how to take part. Visit the 'Jigsaw Movie Club' page. Click Here. 

'Jigsaw Art Star's. A new Activity group, is set to start on Wednesday March 22nd at Sahara Lounge, 2pm - 3.30p is being rescheduled due to unforseen circumstances. Once a new start date has been set, we plan to hold this group, same location, same time every week. Full details on how you can take part in this group. See the Jigsaw Activity Schedule. Click Here.

Behind the scenes we have plans for yet another Jigsaw affiliated web site. One of our ABS, (Able Bodied Support) , has a passion for a certain form of transport. Member's in the know are sworn to secrecy at present revealing the name of the member concerned at this time. All we are allowed to say is, watch our Internet Space for this new site. Coming to the World Wide Web and your screen's soon.

And last but not least, we come full circle, back to Gloucester Conservative Club. The Club has produced a new schedule for their Sunday Lunch's. Our admin and one other Jigsaw member had lunch there on 12th March. Our rating. Very good. Full details of cost per per have now been made available on the Jigsaw activitity schedule. To view. Click Here. Alternatively you can view same on our sister site, Lightspeed Gloucester UK. To view. Click Here.

Please note. Use any of the links in the above article to view details of any activity we have highlighted. To return to our Jigsaw pages. Use your back button. Until our next update for Jigsaw News. We wish you all well. Should any reader require any further information about anything published above. Please feel free to contact Martin :-

Tel. 01452 412471

Mobile. 07950784087


email biggles57@btinternet.com

Please note. Since the above article was published, the start date for the 'Jigsaw Art Stars' group scheduled to take place on 22nd March, due to unforseen circumstances, will not be starting on said date. Jigsaw members who were interested in taking part in this group have already been notified that this only a  delay to the start, and not a cancellation. The process of rescheduling this activity has already begun and we envisage a delay of only one to two weeks at the most before this activity can start. To keep up to date with developments. See Jigsaw Activity Schedule. Click Here.

March 13th - June 2nd 2017

We hope all Jigsaw members are keeping well since our last report. We are delighted to inform you that good progress has been made during the above period. Firstly, as we invisaged, it took just two weeks for us to reschedule the start date for the 'Jigsaw Art Stars'. This was moved to 6th April and commenced on time. On April 11th members of this group after consulting with Hannah (Barnwood Trust) made application for a 'Small Spark's' Grant of £250.00 to aid with the purchase of ' Art Materials and Equipment'. We are pleased to report that the 'Jigsaw Art Stars' application for this funding was successful. All is now in place to move the 'Jigsaw Art Star's' Group forward and we will be making progress to make their purchases soon. Our big thanks goes to the Barnwood Trust and all who have supported this group. You will be kept informed of any new developments.

Our 'Jigsaw Art Stars' have also been contributing their work to be seen in Jigsaw 'Art From Home' online Art Exhibition. To see their work and find out how you could take part in Jigsaw Art ventures. Click Here.     For Time and where our 'Art Stars' meet in Gloucester.  Click Here. To return to Jigsaw News click your back button.

Thursday 30th March saw us celebrate with a 'Big Thanks Buffet' at the Gloucester Conservative Club held to thank all those who have supported Jigsaw during our first year, The even was a great success. We thank all who attended and again we say a big public thank you all who have aided us over our first year. Present or not.  To see some images taken at the Buffet. Scroll down the page in our photo gallery. Click Here.  To return to Jigsaw News Click your back button

On Thursday. 22nd May. Our Pool Players based at Gloucester Conservative Club launched their own Pool League Competition. Called 'Jigsaw. Hudson & Co Sports

Pool Champ' 2017'. Members of 'Pool, Board and Traditional Pub Games Group set an entry fee of £3. All proceeds going toward Jigsaw activities. It is an open competetition, which runs from May til end of October. The league table and up to date scores will be available to view on our Jigsaw web pages soon. You can join at any point during the competition, as each player will play a total of 20 games. The winner will win a small trophy.

Contact Martin. Tel. 01452 412471 to register your interest or for further details.

The above period has also seen Brian of 'Angelic Healing Therapy' come on board with  a new activity. See Jigsaw activity schedule for  location, times and details. Click Here. To return to Jigsaw News Click your back button. Anyone who joins Jigsaw, by taking part in any of our activities can take advantage of his services for the price of a donation.

(Please note. The donation is for Brian to aid with his costs) Jigsaw makes no profit from his services. Brian has also kindly agreed to act as an able bodied support to members of the Jigsaw as and when his own work commitments permit.

As one able bodied support person comes on board. Sadly we say goodbye to another. Nigel, who ran our Football Group on Saturday's has had to stand down as a volunteer due to his becoming a full time carer to his parents. We therfore thank Nigel for all assistance he has freely given to Jigsaw during his time with us and wish him all the best for the future.

Prior to the above. Jigsaw has been exploring existing / new activities for our members to take part in / or try. One involves water and 'boats'. The other 'Transport'. More movies are also on the cards, and more. So watch this space for further details. Until our next Jigsaw News update. Take care and have fun.

(Please Note. Since the above article was published our Pool Competition end date has been extentended from the the end of October to end of November 2017. This is to allow all Jigsaw members taking part to play the same amount of games.

Big thanks. M.)

June 3rd - October 23rd.

News update for this period available soon.