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Where We Have Been and What We Have Seen.

Live Variety, Music & Theatre Shows.

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Above : Jigsaw Members

Angus & Jamie

Pictured With Paul Molloy 'Elvis'

After The Show.

Left : The Official Show Poster

Right : An Autograph, Kindly Supplied By Paul Molloy on the night.

Images taken during the performance.

Courtesy of Martyn Payne

Show Promoter, Pictured, Top Left.

Below. Martyn with Marc Bolton at the

King's Theatre.

Courtesy of Martyn Payne



Jigsaw Member, Bill,

Pictured With

Paul Malloy (Elvis) & Mitch Thompson (Michael Jackson)

Images taken during the performance.


M'art. c. 30th March 2018

Below. Martyn (Show Promoter) with Liam Price

Who's Michael Jackson's 'Man In The River' Performance

In Support of The Pitctured Tribute Acts

Had A Standing Ovation.


by M'art

Above, Right and Below

Images Taken During The Performance


M'art c. 31st March 2018


Martin, Jigsaw Founder Member

Pictured With Liam Price.

One Of Three Performers Who Supported 'Jas' On The Night'.

Left To Right. A Perfect Trio Of Support For Jass.

Millianna, J Lucas and Liam Price.

Would you like to join Jigsaw and attend future shows with us.

If your answer is 'Yes'

Contact Martin - Jigsaw Founder Member - 01452 412471

email biggles57@btinternet.com


Jigsaw Member, Jamie Day

(pictured right) with the star of the show.


Images taken during the performance by M'art.

Above and Right.

Liam Price pictured on stage

with his sister

on the night.

Images by M'art

Jigsaw Gloucester UK

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