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Jigsaw Members Jason (Left) & Jamie (Right)

Enjoy A Game Of Pool

Jigsaw - Pool, Board & Traditional Pub Games Group - Gloucester Conservative Club

For Details Of How To Join This Group. See Green Sections Of Our Activity Schedule Click Here

Jigsaw Members, 

Nick, Angus, Jamie & Jamie

Pictured At Our First Official

Jigsaw Curry Night

At Sahara Lounge Gloucester.

20th Feb 2017.

Want To Come Along To Future Jigsaw Curry Night's At This Venue? See 2nd Pink Section Of Our Activity Schedule. For Details. Click Here.

For Details Of How To Join This Group. See Green Sections Of Our Activity Schedule

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Coming Soon

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Pool League 2017.

As You May Have Noticed Under The Cup Pictured (Right) / Above, a pool competition has been launched and our Pool score for members taking part table will be updated soon.

Martin - Coord For The Group

has drawn Up Rules For The Event. To See A Sneak Preview Of Our League Table And Progress On The Rules. Click Here. To Return To This Page Use Your Back Button. 

Another Contribution From

Jigsaw's - Pool, Board & Traditional Pub Games Group - Gloucester Conservative Club.

Left To Right. Nick, Chris (Able Bodied Support) Please note. Since image was taken Chris has moved on, from Jigsaw to follow his own interests. Nigel (Able Bodied Support), and Jamie.

Pictured On Nigel's First Day With The Group. 2nd March 2017.

Jigsaw 'Art From Home'

Online Exhibition Launched.

Jigsaw Member Nick, Pictured Right, Is Proud To Be First To Show His Work.

Would You Like To Follow Nick's Lead?

To View 'Art From Home' / See A More Detailed View Of Nick's Work


How Take Part.

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Above -


Pool, Board and Traditional Pub Games Group back in focus.

Nick, Paul Chris (ABS) and Malcolm are happy to assist Jigsaw Member, Angus (Centre)

to show off his new three piece pool que

To sum up our 'Big Thanks Buffet' event. We would like to thank Jan, the Chair of Gloucester Conservative Club, Committee, and regular membership for their fantastic support, not just for This Buffet event, But during the whole time Jigsaw members have been resident at Gloucester Conservative Club.

Also attending was a representative from Hudson & Co Sports, who have agreed to inscribe a plate to go on our Pool Pool Tournament / Pool League Table Trophy. We are also in discussion wth them over a proposal which will see the Pool Que's obtained From The Barnwood Trust grant, embark on a further exciting Journey.

Our big thanks also goes to 'Brian' who attended, and suggested an addition to our programme, Negotiations are under way to introduce this new activity to the Jigsaw membership very soon . Today, also saw Jigsaw, take on board another ABS (Able Bodied Support). His name is Neil, and he has already begun making suggestions to aid us toward meeting our aims within our Gloucester Community.

Our big thanks also goes to all Jigsaw members, and ABS (Able Bodied Support) and others, who have worked hard behind the scenes to make our 'Big Thanks Buffet' a Success, but sadly, unable to attend to see The Fruits Of Their Labour Due To Medical Appointments And Other Commitments On the Day.  Well done present or not, You helped to make this event go so well.

Lastly to The Jigsaw Team and others who turned out this day. It was brilliant. The effort you  put in was spot on. You delivered. What more can I say? But, 'More Day's Like This Please'. It was one to remember.

Many thanks, you did every one proud.



Jigsaw Gloucester UK fm


Left. Left To Right. Abdul, Co, owner of Sahara Lounge and Jigsaw Members Nick (Centre) and Angus, use a tablet to admire images taken at the Jigsaw 'Big Thanks Buffet 30th March 2017 Gloucester Conservative Club, while at our Curry Night held at Sahara Lounge on April 3rd.


Art Stars

Jigsaw member, Nick, admires our new Publicity Board located at Sahara Lounge Gloucester.

Please note.

Since above images were taken Sahara Lounge suddenly closed its doors without warning.

Sadly, the board, pictured above,

has not been returned by the proprietor of Sharah Lounge and they have made not attempt to contact Jigsaw to offer return of same. In consequence we have began to make enquiries as to the fate of the board concerned.

We promise to keep all our professional contacts / group members of any progress to locate the item concerned.

Please also note. Jigsaw Art Stars Group. Now operates out of the 'Market Cafe' Gloucester

Every Thursday 2pm - 3.30pm

To see full details of why Jigsaw chose make this move.

Go to our Jigsaw Community Connections Page. Scroll down.

See Jigsaw Community Connection Project 5

To view Click Here.



Above. Left and Right. Alan Myatt,

Gloucester Town Crier, Gives Jigsaw Members And Invited Guests A Lesson On How To Play Pool.

Left. Guest, Verona Vidal, 'Community Builder' with 'The Barnwood Trust', Deep In Conversation With Alan Myatt. Gloucester Town Crier.

Left. The Pool Que's Made Possible By A

'Small Spark's Grant' From The Barnwood Trust. Likewise, The Buffet, Was Provided From Same. £250 well spent.   

Photo's By M'art. March 2017.

Check Jigsaw's latest group, 'Art Stars' launched, at this same Gloucester establishment.

April 6th 2017.

See images below.

Please note. Jigsaw Art Stars have now relocated from Sahara Lounge to 'The Market Cafe' Gloucester

A full explanation for this move can be found in Jigsaw Community Connections


After only a short delay. Jigsaw has launched 'Art Stars, our very own Art Group. Chris ABS and four regular Jigsaw members were also present.

In addition at our previous 'Pool and Traditional Pub Games Group, Hannah, of the Barnwood Trust kindly introduced us to Andrew. Who has joined the above group and also expressed an interest in art, so we invited him to come along. We were delighted when Andrew accepted our invitation.

Big thanks to all who have conributed to the formation of this group. Present or not on the day.

Below : - Images From The Jigsaw - 'Big Thanks Buffet'

Our Event Held 30th March 2017


Gloucester Conservative Club To Thank All Attending

For Their Help With Jigsaw Gloucester Uk Since We Were Founded In Late April 2016