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Martyn  Payne

Show  Promoter

&  Owner

South - West - Promotions

Who has kindly

agreed to Host

Outside Edge

Talent With A Difference

when the event

takes place.


Singer  / Song Writer


Who has kindly expressed an interest in taking part.

Jigsaw Gloucester UK

Outside Edge -Talent With A Difference

What is Jigsaw Gloucester UK

Outside Edge - Talent With A Difference?

We are happy to explain. 'Outside   Edge  - Talent With A Difference' is our   provisional name for our very own  stage show.  It will be a bold move  to blend  very talented people with  physical   / mental health  /  learning  difficulties with able bodied performers  on the same stage.

The idea has been talked about behind the scenes for some time. Late April 2018, following discussions, with interested  parties,  the decison  was   taken to launch the planning stage  of this exciting  venture.

We have  now entered the planning stage.   Those  who have been following Jigsaw's development  will know  that  Jigsaw   members  have been attending     tribute shows  at the King's Theatre, King's Barton  Street, Gloucester, produced  by  show promoter and  owner of  South - West  - Promotions, Martyn Payne.     We now build   and maintain the  a web site  for his company and more  recently have moved into taking images  of his performers  in action at local shows.  Having taken those in March 2018. Martyn  has  requested  that we again take images at his shows scheduled  to take place in  Gloucester in  April  of 2019. We are pleased to inform all interested  parties that Martyn  Payne has kindly offered his  services to act as host  for the above named event.  Also,  singer  / song writer , Spence,  has expressed a an interest in taking  part.   We are sure  with the present level of networking we are now engaged in. More  will follow.

What  kind of acts  are we looking for.  As our show will be based in variety  it can be  anything   ,  so long as you are good and entertaining.  Our  performers  will have physical conditions / mental  health issues /  Learning  difficulties.  As stated above it is our intent to blend the above with able bodied performers. Your first  point of contact should you wish to be considered to take part in this event  will be as follows.

Martin  Adams  - Jigsaw  Gloucester  UK   founder  member.

Tel 01452  412471

email  biggles57@btinternet.com

Once your information    is with us,  it will also be passed to    Martyn  Payne. And other Outside Edge team  members / Planners for Consideraton.

WANT TO Take  PART?   If your aswer is yes. Send your details with brief description of your act to the  contact   decribed above. If you have any  clips of your previous   peformances  we  would urge you to include in  with your details.

Our 'Outside  Edge  - Talent With A Difference' Team

Looks forward to hearing from you.