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With all that's going on in the world

BBC Television News informed us that........

'There is a shortage of foreign lettuce in Britain'

Do they know, in their effort to keep

everybody so well informed that there will not only now be a shortage of foreign lettuce in Britain. Its very likley the poor foreign lettuce is set to be classified as an endangered species.

Those who have seen how we react in Britain when there is 'bread' shortage in our shops, will, I feel, fully understand my thoughts on this subject.


Jigsaw Founder Member.

Please Note. My inspiration to create this page has come from three sources.

Firstly, members of Jigsaw's

Pool, Board & Traditional Pub Games Group.

Secondly, The strong support, the above has had from the Chair Person / Staff of the Gloucester Conservative Club and regular members who have helped us to fully integrate back

into the Gloucester Community.

Lastly, the comment of a profesional visitor to our Pool, Board & Traditional Pub Games Group on Thursday 16th March 2017. Who said. When asked what she thought of the group.


"I am surprised how confident all its members are"

My Trivia from the News is based on some of the general banter that now goes on within this group every time we meet. Its member's are now branching out and taking part in other activity groups and projects we have launched under the Jigsaw Gloucester UK banner

since late April of 2016.

It is hoped members will now go on to share their renewed confidence with all they meet.

There is, I feel no real secret to this confidence. It was in front of our eyes all the time, in an age old quote from history.

'Laughter is the best medicine'

Keep up the good work all.


Jigsaw Founder Member.

Likewise BBC Television News also came

up with this  ........

'White Stork's are being to be

re-introduced into Britain after being hunted to extinction around 100 years ago'

For those unfamilier with 'White Stork's'. They have flapping wings, beaks, and stand on very thin legs. Some of you may have noticed that my knowledge of birds is very limited. That said. I must say my argument here is not with Wildlife Conservation.

I think its a great thing to do.

My comments are aimed at the BBC News Reporter sent to cover the story. I was personally fine with him until he asked of the Conservationist in charge of the birds this......

"Where do the birds come from?

Now, I know many of us with Jigsaw have

physical / mental health issues or both, but my quick answer to this was 'EGGS!!!!

I  thought everyone on our planet knew

where birds came from!!!

OK. In reality, he probably did.  Just think the BBC Reporter could have been a bit more specific with his question.

Which he could have asked like this.....

"Which  country do the bird's come from? : )


Jigsaw Founder Member.

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