Jigsaw Frequently Asked Questions

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Jigsaw Frequently Asked Questions

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Q. What is Jigsaw?

Answer. Jigsaw is home grown Community Self-Help-Group and Web Site.

Q. Will Jigsaw be runnning any activities with a closed door policy?

Answer. No. Reason. We feel that there are number organisations in our Gloucester Community which already meet that need. Jigsaw, is designed to be out and about in our local community. To be seen to be doing. In the true sense of Community Spirit.

Q. Is Jigsaw an independent Self-Help-Group?

Answer. In short. Yes. We are Independent. However. Jigsaw is open to networking with and operating alonside other Self-Help-Groups, Profesional Bodies, Local authorities,  and Individuals on a permanent, temporary or one off event basis in Gloucester and our local area as and when opportunities present themselves to do so.

Q. Is Jigsaw a Company?

Answer. No. Jigsaw is not a company.

Q. Does Jigsaw have any paid staff.

No. As the above answer states. We are not a company. So the need for paid staff is dispenced with.

Q. Who runs Jigsaw and its Web Site?

Answer. Jigsaw, will be run by those who suffer physical and or mental health issues, For those with physical or mental health issues. In effect. People, who know how physical and or mental illness effects their every day lives for therapeutic value. In edition, Jigsaw hope's to restore the true meaning of 'Self Worth' to all who participate in all we do.

Q. What would Jigsaw best describe itself as?

Answer. A group dedicated to reduction of the impact of increased stress on on our

physical / mental health when we have been left alone and in dispair in this modern world in need of care.

Q. What kind of activities does Jigsaw wish to promote?

Answer. Any activity helps us to remain well and active in the the community of Gloucester and local area.

Q. What name is given to anyone who participates in Jigsaw activities?

Answer. We prefer to use the name, 'member' rather than 'client'.

Q. Where do Jigsaw activities take place?

Answer. For reasons of personal safety all activities Jigsaw will take part in public space.

Q. Do Jigsaw members carry out home visits?

No. Jigsaw members do not carry out home visits. However, as with all activities in the wider world we know that close relationships / friendships are likely to be formed through our public space activities. Therefore, we must insist that any relationship / friendships that may lead to activities outside those officially sanctioned by Jigsaw are carried out at the individual members own risk.

Q. Does Jigsaw encourage members to use life / educational skills obtained to promote or suggest activities that could be added to those we already sanction?

Answer. Yes.

Q. Can Jigsaw offer members Clinical Advice?

Answer. No. We encourage our members to seek out those professionally medically qualified to give such advice.

Q. Are all activities sanctioned by Jigsaw free of charge to members?

Answer. No. Dependent on the level of support we receive not all activities will be free. Any costs for an individual Jigsaw member to take part in a sanctioned activity will be displayed on our Jigsaw Activity List.

Q. Is there any charge for Jigsaw membership?

Answer. Not at at this present time. However, Jigsaw reserves the right to review this status from time to time.

Q. How do I become a member of Jigsaw?

Answer. Simply contact us by the methods provided. Click Here.

Provide your name, address, and contact details. You can also join Jigsaw at any event undertaken to raise awareness of our being in Gloucester.

See our activity schedule. Click Here. Any information you supply Jigsaw will not be provided to any other organisation, person or persons. Under the terms of the data protection acts. It will be for Jigsaw use only. For legal reasons.