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Above. Jigsaw member 'William', our big

'Dr. Who' fan,

Producing what else, But,

Dr. Who art work.

Jigsaw Gloucester UK 'Dr. Who Club'

A little bird has informed us that one of our Jigsaw Members is a big fan of the BBC television series

Dr. Who.

The above knowledge has inspired an idea

for us to form a Jigsaw Gloucester

'Dr Who Club'

And who might the Jigsaw member be who's interest has inspired us once more into action?  See image left to ID the Jigsaw member who is a big fan of Dr. Who.

Would you like to help 'Bill' & Jigsaw with our

Dr. Who Club ?

Contact - Martin

01452 417412

email biggles57@btinternet.com

For further details.

Jigsaw Gloucester

'Dr Who Club'  - Update.

As of Thursday 30th November 2017 our new Jigsaw Gloucester Dr. Who Club' has been

brought into being.

As part of the Barnwood Bunting project, we have already designed a Jigsaw Dalek. We have sent the dalek design bunting off with others to Katrina Brown,

(Marketing and Development Officer)

for  Barnwood

(Fomerly known as Barnwood Trust).

William has been shown our illustration of 'Jigsaw Dalek' and really likes the design . We will now move to unvail an image to all of 'Jigsaw Dalek' once Katrina has viewed.


The present obectives for the

Jigsaw Gloucester Dr. Who Club are : -

1. To build a model of 'Jigsaw Dalek for Display' at future events.

2. To work on a design for a logo for the Dr. Who Club.

3. To seek funding / assistance from other interested parties to aid the development of this new Jigsaw venture.

Above. A few images of 'Dr. Who' Characters kindly supplied by a

Jigsaw Gloucester 'Dr Who Club' Member.

Below left. Members of the

Jigsaw Gloucester 'Dr Who Club'

proudly unveil the design for our very own

Jigsaw Dalek - known also as 'Bill'

Dalek Donated

A large gold dalek has been kindly donated

to our Jigsaw  Gloucester UK 'Dr. Who Club'

Our plan - To restore and customise the above to resemble Jigsaw Dalek (Bill) pictured left.

A new Jigsaw web page will be made available soon for our members / site visitors to see any progress on the build.

Err...I think we will give our dalek a bit of restoration dusting first ;).

Big thanks to the Jigsaw member who has donated the dalek we are about to convert.

Would you like to join our Jigsaw Gloucester UK 'Dr. Who Club'?

For more information contact. 01452 412471 Email Martin. biggles57@btinternet.com

Above : A Dalek 'Olympic Torch'

Below: A full credit to the company that supplied.

They have been brilliant.

Click on any image to enlarge. Click on the ligh blue background to make small.

Modellers Loft

866 Christchurch Road Boscombe

Bournemouth BH7 6DJ

To visit their web site. Click Here.

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'Olympic Torch' Story

Recently, Jigsaw founder member, Martin, made an Ebay purchase of model 'Dalek, 'Olympic Torch' at his own expense to further our vey own Jigsaw Dalek Conversion Project. For some reason, the, item did not arrive. So Martin contacted the seller.

They were brilliant, and said they would dispatch another. Then two Dalek 'Olympic Torch' arrived in separate pakages, together. The seller was informed and Martin said he would return the extra Torch to their stock soonest.....The seller kindly replied, not to worry to return and

we could keep for free.

Martin, being in the know. Has knowledge that plans to convert a second Dalek are being considered, once the first is complete. Therefore he has decided the extra Dalek 'Olympic Torch' in our possesion to be a donation from the seller.

In return for all kind assistance and understanding from the staff Martin dealt with re the Torch. He has decided to give them a mention, here , on our Jigsaw Gloucester UK Dr Who Club Page. They were brilliant and therfore deserve a big thank you.

Dalek Conversion / Build

See Progress Images Below

We began our Conversion / Build by giving our

Dalek a good dusting.

Then we carefully removed the more traditional Dalek Sink Plunger.

From that point on we cut away the top section of the Olympic Torch from its stem and then moved secure into place where the sink plunger had been. Now our Dalek has a more sinister looking weapon.

You will also note we have given him a nice new black cap. More updates this project will be added as an when available.

Dalek Conversion / Build

Upate 03/02/2018

As you can see from the images above. Our bid to convert a standard 10 inch Dalek into a Jigsaw Dalek is really on the move. A new colour scheme has been added to make this Dalek our very own. More new  details will be adde, we move the build on. Same for new images. So keep coming back to visit this page if you would like to see more.