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'Poetry People'

True Friends


True friends, lift you up, when feeling down.

Wipe away tears, replace, with laughters sound.

True friends can be found near or far.

In dark times, seen, like the shine of a star.

True friends, ever present, by light of day.

Will guide you home, should you lose your way.

True friends, a bond stronger than any glue.

If given a chance they will stick with you.


True friends, lift you up, when feeling down.

They make you grin or lose a frown.

True friends sparkle, ever near.

Share all that's you, your hidden fears.

True friends, a forcefield all around.

To keep safe, on earth, our shared ground.

True friends kept close in beating hearts.

Think of you as each day starts.


True friends, lift you up, when feeling down.

A smile, special, just for being around.

True friends, are those, who really care.

The World, better, while you are there.

True friends in life, are there for you.

So together, venture forth, find all things new.

True friends, hold our heads up high.

Showing, we have lots more to do, before we die.


True friends, never leave us when they are gone.

Our memories hold them close, bathed, in angel's song.

True friends, watch over us, in every way.

Kept alive in our thoughts, night and day.

True friends, still guiding our life's path.

We remember the good times that made us laugh.

True friends are patient, they will wait

For the time we meet again, at Heaven's gate.


Martin Adams

Gloucester UK

October 2014

Play With Clouds

Up, up, and away from ground.

With an engines roar, of power sound.

Higher, than an Eagle's flight.

On silver wing's of power and might.

To twist, to turn, to loop and role.

Mastering of sky, runs deep, to my soul.

Alone, far away, from, a below crowd.

My special place, to play with clouds.

Dancing with nature, on a clear blue sky.

Create, pictures with vapour trails, so high.

My iron Eagle, my heart, become one.

Streak to the heavens, scream out of the sun.

To tip on tail, fall backward, into the spin.

Stick forward, speed on, full control, I am in.

Alone, far away, from a, below crowd.

My special place, to play with clouds.

To weave in an out of ancient gods.

Adds to hours, in my own, flight log.

To watch the sun, rise and fall.

In brilliant colours, my eyes, see all.

I am privileged to be in this place.

Able to reach the edge of space.

Alone, far away, from a, below crowd.

My special place, to play with clouds.

Back down to a real world below.

My mind, full of images, I now, know.

Three greens, wheels down, to our ground.

Throttle back, engine breaks, sound.

Home, back, safe, my aircraft stored.

We fly again tomorrow, so never bored.

Alone, far away, from a, below crowd.

My special place, to play with clouds.

Martin Adams

Gloucester UK

15th March 2018

Who can take part in the Jigsaw Poetry People.

Answer. Anyone with an interest in writing poetry.

Anyone wishing to join this group contact Martin

email biggles57@btinternet.com

If you are unable to use email or don't have at home

Tel  Martin on 01452 412471

who will be able to suggest alternative methods you could get your poetry / works to us.

Martin is going to start the group off by letting you view some of his work.

We look forward to including works by others with an interest the near future.

See Poems Below. Comments Welcomed

A Sample From Alison's Work


Spring has sprung.

Daffodils are coming out brightly yellow.

Bulb flowers bloom with yellow petals.

The weather is getting warmer and days are longer.

The tulips are growing in lots of colours.

Red, purple, yellow and pink.

Lambs are in the fields taking their first steps.

The rape seed is a sea of yellow.

It is beautiful in Spring.

The end of cold nights of Winter.

But now we have April showers.

By May all the lovely blossom is out.

And we are on our way to Summer.

Just around the corner.

Above  verse and book cover reproduced

for our Jigsaw site

by kind permission 


Jigsaw Member, Alison Joyner.

January 2020

Rum Tales

Is a collection  of poems and stories


Alison Joyner

Edited  by Josephine Lay

Published by Peter Lay via feearead.com

Publishing 2017

Copyright Alison Joyner

Cover Photograph Copyright Alison Joyner


To the loving memory of

Nick, Alison's brother.

Copies of 'Rum Tales'

Can still be purchased £5 each

(Subject to availabilty)

If you would like a copy

Contact Martin 01452 412471

email biggles57@btinternet.com

with your details which we will

pass to Jigsaw Member, Alison Joyner.