Jigsaw Barnwood Bunting Designs

Our Barwood Jigsaw Bunting Designs Explained.

Our first design reflects all parts of our Jigsaw that have had local support / funding.

Centre. Our Jigsaw logo. Given our Start by a £500 grant from Gloucester City Council.

Centre (Below) Our Pool, Snooker & Traditional Pub Games Group. Given support from the outset from Gloucester Conservative Club and then Barnwood with a £250 'Small Sparks Grant'

Right. Represents our Jigsaw 'Art Stars' who have also had a £250 'Small Spark's Grant' from Barnwood.

Last but not least. Left. This part of the design, represents our Jigsaw, 'Gloucester Concorde Club' who have just acheived their aim of going to see the new Concorde exhibition at British Areospace, Filton, through funding kindly  provided by 'Help If We Can'

The above represents Jigsaw Gloucester UK's ongoing helicopter flight project in conjunction with Heliflight UK based at Staverton Gloucestershire Airport.

The plan is to raise funds to enable four members to take a 1 hour flight in a real helicopter.

New ways of raisng funds for his project are currently being examined.

The above design reconfirms Jigsaw Gloucester UK policy that a New Member can suggest an activity on joining Jigsaw if we do not have it curently on our books.

Example. One  New member, suggested forming a Jigsaw 'Dr Who Club'. Happy to oblige 'William', we have not only moved to set up our Jigsaw 'Dr. Who Club', but also designed our very own Jigsaw Dalek. The subject of this bunting flag.

More news of the Jigsaw

'Dr. Who Club' will be made available on our web pages as and when available.

Our final design respresents that Gloucester is a Cosmapolitan City. Look deep into this areas history and we would say it always has been.

The Jigsaw pieces are made up of many colors. This bunting makes the following statement.

You can be of any color, to be a member of Jigsaw. But together, we have a single aim. To support those with Physical / Mental health / Learning difficulties to achieve more in our Gloucester Community by way of activities.

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