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Our Jigsaw Art Stars meet every Thursday at The  Market Cafe, Gloucester, from 2pm - 3.30pm.   Should you like to join this group, feel free to contact, Martin on 01452  412471 prior to discuss your needs. email biggles57@btinternet.com

Or see him between the times prescribed at the location described above.

Note. Activity, free of charge at this time.

Click on the image left to learn more about The Market Cafe. Scroll down page. See Jigsaw Community Connections 5

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Please also note. Members of this group are requested to purchase food and drink from proprietors of the 'Market Cafe' as a condition of making use of some space to carry out their work. Cosumption of food and drink purchased elswhere is not permitted.

Jigsaw 'Art Stars' was launched 22nd March 2017. Members also work closely to provide exhibits for another of our projects called.

'Art From Home'.

'Art From Home' is an online exhibition of the work done by Jigsaw members, available to view, 24/7. 'Art From Home' was not only designed as one of the focus points for our 'Art Stars', but, was also aimed at tallented people, who for one reason or another felt unable to leave their home, due to physical / mental health issues. Click on the Micky Mouse Cross Stitch, Left. To View 'Art From Home' You can find full details of how you can become involved following the last exhibit currently shown. To return to this Jigsaw page. Use your back button.

Jigsaw 'Art Stars' have recieved a Barnwood Trust, 'Small Sparks Grant, of £250. The money was allocated for the purchase of art materials and equipment for this group. Members of Jigsaw Art Star's take this opportunity to thank all with Barnwood for said funding, which is at this time is being put to good use.