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December 2nd 2017


'Gloucester Concorde Club'

British Aerospace Bristol

Filton Trip

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Right : Jigsaw member, Paul C. who suggested our visit to 'Concorde', pride of the collection of

'British Aerospace Bristol, Filton.

Right. Our Photo Gallery of the visit.

Below : Some of the other exhibits you can see at British Aerospace Filton, Bristol.

Images by M'art

December 2017

Please note. A considerable number of images were taken during this visit by members of the Jigsaw

'Gloucester Concorde Club'

More to be added soon. So please come back and check for updates, should you wish to see more.

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More images taken during our Bristol Aerospace Concorde trip.

Images by


December 2017.

Please note. More of T's images of the Concorde trip will be added here soon.

Please note.

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