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What Is Jigsaw?

Jigsaw, as we have stated is a

Home Grown Self-Help-Group & Web Site

Run By Those Who Suffer Physical And Or Mental Health Issues.

For Those With Physical And Or Mental Health Issues.

Our initial base of operation will be

Gloucester and the Surrounding Area. Please note.

Jigsaw has no paid staff. All funds raised are used to

support our activities.

Our Aims.

To provide a range of Self-Help Support and Activities.

To identify Gaps in the market, left by the lack of traditional support.

To include the good and exclude the bad support in our area.

To make Self-Help become exactly what it should be.

Self-Help established through our own contacts and initiatives.

To establish the right, to operate alongside

who we choose, when and where.

To be a fully functional Self-Help Group, (perhaps the first)

without any hidden control from above.