Jigsaw Fun Feature 2


Left. Jigsaw ABS (Able Bodied Support),

Chris, demonstrates his ability to look after our members in all situations.

(Just Kidding) But he looks the part' ; )


Photo : - M'art, March, 2017



Fun Photo's

'Caught On Camera - Out And About In Gloucester'

A Page Requested By Chris, Jigsaw ABS



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Left, Right, and Above Right.

Contrary to rumour, this little chap is not Chris, our ABS (Able Bodied Support) in disguise.

He is in fact, 'The Jolly Punk', who we caught on camera while out and about in

Eastgate Street Gloucester.


Our grateful thanks goes to 'The Jolly Punk' who gave his concent with cheerful chat when we said we would be placing his image on the 'Fun Photos' page of our Jigsaw web site. So if you see him out and about in Gloucester again, give him a wave as he is great fun and spreads his chear to everyone all ways.


Photo's : - M'art, March, 2017


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Jigsaw Fun Feature


This Is Roxey - Who A Jigsaw Member Looked After For A Short Time

For Her Owner While Out And About In Gloucester.

Nice smile,

Mam's back look.


Heck Mam, winds a bit sharp look ; )


There you go Roxey's Mam, Jigsaw has kept our promise and made her a

'Fun Photo Feature' Star.

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Photo's, M'art, March, 2017.

The where's my Mam Look.

Town Cryer, Alan Myatt.

Always One To Bring A Smile To The Face Of All Who See Him In The City Of Gloucester.

Here, Alan Is Seen Promoting The Gloucester Residents Card, In Eastgate Street.

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Photo's, Left & Right. M'art, March, 2017.

Duck's pictured near tourist information office, South Gate Street, Gloucester.


Our brave photographer reckons he bribed the duck's to sort out the Gull that keeps him awake at night.

See caption to image on right. ;)


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Photo's by M'art, May 10th 2017.