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'One Good Turn Deserves Another'

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Jigsaw & our members take this opportunity to

thank all with

'Help If We Can'

for your support.

Image by M'art

'Jigsaw Gloucester UK'

On October 12th 2017

Jigsaw founder member Martin

and longest serving member Jamie D

were kindly presented with a cheque for



'Help If We Can'

The money will be used to support

our activities for people living with

physical / mental health issues

in Gloucester.

Image by

'Help If We Can'




In return for this wonderful support

Jigsaw Members will be aiding

'Help If We Can'

with their


'Bucket Collections'

to raise funds for other

good causes and community groups

in our area.

Barnwood Flag Bunting

The Deadline for Submitting Designs

for Barnwood

Flag Bunting has now passed

For more information about

Jigsaw Art Stars & Art From Home

Contact : Martin 01452 412471

Jigsaw Community


Jigsaw Artstars


our members who

support our

Online Exhibition

'Art From Home'

aided Barnwood

with bunting designs.

To view our designs for.

Click here.

Jigsaw Community



Jigsaw Community


Members of the above band kindly let me

take images of them durng their performance

at Gloucester Docks Christmas Market

November 18th 2017


has sent my images on to the band to make use of royalty free, in any format they wish.

Above is in return for letting me click away with my camera

and thus improve my skills for the next shoot of this kind in evey way.

To see my images of the band.

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Big thanks to all members of the band for letting me photograph

your performance.


Jigsaw Community


Jigsaw Community



was established 10 years ago


Martyn Payne.


Since, Martyn has presented the best tribute acts. Among them. Elvis tributes, UB40, Michael Jackson, Mariah Carey, Whitney Houston and over eighty other tributes and bands and more. 

lightspeedgloucester.uk is the photography wing of  jigsawgloucester.uk

jigsawgloucester.uk is a Gloucester based Community Group ran by those

with physical health, mental health issues and learning difficulties, for those

with same to do more in our in our local Gloucester Community by way of Activities. lightspeedgloucester.uk currently provides images free of charge for Martyn Payne's 

Company SWP (and others) under

Jigsaw Gloucester UK's Current Community Connections Program. 

See samples of lightspeed images taken at SWP live performances below.

 If you would like to learn more about

jigsawgloucester.uk lightspeedgloucester or South-West-Promotions

please use the links we have provided following the image samples.

To Learn More 


Jigsaw Gloucester UK


Click Here.

To  Learn More


Lightspeed Gloucester UK

See More Of Our Photography.

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Jigsaw Community


Jigsaw 'Art Stars' members Bill (left) and Jamie (Right)

Would like to say a big thank you

to Simon, ( Owner, of the 'Market Cafe' Gloucester),

pictured bottom left, for saving

Jigsaw 'Art Stars' session on

Thursday 23rd November 2017

in allowing their creative ways to

continue at his establishment.

Jigsaw 'Art Stars' had been scheduled to meet at

'Sahara Lounge' on Brunswick Road, Gloucester.

But sadly, for the second time in two weeks, they arrived to find this loction closed, without any explanation. Jigsaw did 'eventually' get an answer. They stated the reason for being closed was down to technical difficulties.

We fully understand that a business can have such circumstances. However, most busineses do publish a  'Sorry of any Incoveniance ' notice in their window when this kind of situation does arise. There was no such no such notice. In light of, we reserve the right to make the following statement on this matter.

Jigsawgloucester.uk - Our Statement.


All Jigsaw members who suffer with Physical / Mental health or learning difficulties put in great effort and often at personal expense to travel to our groups.

In consequence,

to avoid pressures being placed on same, through sudden change.

(Beyond Jigsaw control)

Members of Jigsaw 'Art Stars' present on the 23rd of November, have voted to make the 'Market Cafe', Gloucester Market, their new permanent venue to meet , as of Thursday 30th November 2017.

Click Here for full details.

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All partner agencies to with an interest in this group and Jigsaw as a whole will be notified of the above venue change / reasons for, in due course.

Likewise. All members of Jigsaw 'Art Stars'

Who were not present on 23rd, November will be notified..

jigsawgloucester.uk would like to echo Jigsaw 'Art Stars' members, Bill and Jamie, and others in saying a big thank you to Simon, owner of the 'Market Cafe' in allowing us to facilitate the above move to his establishment.

Above left and far right. Previous work by Jigsaw 'Art Stars Members', A Cross Stitch wheely dog, A hand drawn mythical beast and two examples of coloring work. Want to see our complete collection?

See Jigsaw online exhibition 'Art From Home' To view. Click Here.

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Tim Martin, Illustration, Graffiti, Street Artist, pictured hard at work on his latest work in progress at Eastgate Market. November 30th 2017.




Photo's by M'art, November 2017. 

My thanks goes to Tim, who allowed me to take the above while he was hard at work.

Click on any image to enlarge. Click on the light blue background to make small.

Right .A signed CD, kindly donated to Jigsaw by Spence Cater at Gloucester Quays, 1st December 2017.

Jigsaw Gloucester UK would like to say a big thankyou to Spence for allowing us to take images shown here as he entertained shoppers.

In return. Jigsaw would like to assist Spence in promoting his voice and music. To learn more about Spence. Use all methods provided below to contact or keep in touch.




Spence - From the 60's to modern day hits. Tel 07707 418777



Images by M'art, December 2017.

Jigsaw Community


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Jigsaw Gloucester UK  looks forward to further trips, and are presently examing ways we can   return time spent with us to assist 'Fairshares' & its members.

In December 2017 'Fairshares'

carried members of our


Gloucester Concord Club

On a trip to British Aerospace (Filton) Bristol

to see Concorde on Display.

To learn more about 'Fairshares'

Tel 01452 415900

To learn more about

Jigsaw Gloucester Concorde Club

Click Here

Jigsaw Community

Connections Project

Please Note.

Images Shown Are From

Last Years Event.

Jigsaw Gloucester UK


Lightspeed Gloucester UK


Look Foward To Supporting

Polish Heritage Day 2019.

Please Note.

Lightspeed is the photography wing of Jigsaw Gloucester UK.

If you would  to see images taken by Lightspeed at the Polish Heritage Day Event, May 2018.

Click Here.

When above page opens. Scroll down to locate. They are clearly titled

To see a selection of Lightspeed images taken at

International Children's Day, June 2nd 2018.

Click Here.

When you have viewed either of above

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Jigsaw Community Connections Page.

Want to learn more about the activities of

PAG Polish Association Gloucestershire.

Click on the PAG logo above as we have linked it to their Facebook Page.

To return to this Jigsaw Gloucester UK page once you have seen our images

or Visited PAG on Facebook simply use your back button.




Victoria Ukeleles

Meets between

1 : 00 and 3.00pm,

Usually at Charter Court,

Victoria Street

Gloucester, GL14EP

For more information about

Victoria Ukeleles

Visit their web site



Facebook page : https://www.facebook.com/groups/VictoriaUkelele/

Jigsaw Gloucester UK & Our Sister Site Lightspeed Gloucester UK

Would like to say a big thank you to

Carol, Phil, and all members of Victoria Ukeleles pictured above, for allowing our camera's

access to their practice session at Charter Court, May 16th 2018.

Images by M'art 2018.




Lane House Farm

Alpaca Walking

On 6th October 2018, Jigsaw Gloucester UK members and our supporters spent a great afternoon

at Lane House Farm where we walked, learnt about and fed Alpacas. All who went had a wonderful time. There were smiles on faces young and old. We would encourage all to go see and walk the Alpaca's present there. So here's the address to find them.

Lane House Farm, Sodom Lane, Dauntsey

SN15 4JA Chippenham, Wiltshire.

If you would like to book a an alpaca experience like we had above

for further details


07854 815832

You can also find them on facebook by clicking on the link below


For More Information About Jigsaw Gloucester UK Activities.

Contact Martin 01452 412471







Jigsaw''s Association With The Canal & Waterways River Trust

Began In December 2018.

Our Aim Is To Help  Increase The Visits Made and Activities



Those Of Us With

Phyiscal Health, Mental Health,

Learning Difficulties

At The Above Location

(See Image)

Jigsaw Gloucester UK's  Provisional Name For Any Activity

Carried Out At The Above Is

'Water Born'

We Have Presently Been Producing Some  Art Work - This Will Be Made Available For You To View Soon

But It's Not All About Art. It Can Be Any Subject Born Out Of Our Association With The Museum.

'Theirs or Ours'.

We Meet At The National Waterways Museum - Llanthony Warehouse - Gloucester Docks



12 noon - 2.30pm

For More Information

Contact Martin

Founder Member Jigsaw Gloucester UK

Tel. 01452 412471

email biggles57@btinternet.com

For Genral Information About The Museum

Tel.   01452 318200









Our 2nd Jigsaw  'Munch Club'

Is Now Scheduled  To Take Place At Portivo Lounge Cafe Bar. Gloucester Quays.

Saturday  20th April, 11.30am til 1pm.

For More  Details - Conact

Martin - Tel. 01452 412471

If You Would Like To Know More About Portivo

Please Visit Their Facebook Page

Click Here

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Portivo Lounge Cafe Bar & Jigsaw Are Plannning To Hold A Unique

'Out Of This World' Event.

Would You Like To Win A Space Shuttle Model

Hand Signed


Chris Hadfield

Former Space Station Commander

Who Famously Sung David Bowie's

'Space Oddity' From Space?

Please Note - This Event Has Now Been Held 30th March 2019


Portivo Longe & Cafe Bar, Gloucester Quays

Amount  Raised = £125

To Support Jigsaw Gloucester UK Members

Further Activities.

Big Thanks To Alex, Connie and All Staff Of Portivo Lounge


All Patrons Of Portivo Lounge Who Supported

The Event Named Above.

All Prize Winners

Have Now Been Notified

Many Thanks To All Who Gave Us Their Support.

Our Three Prizes Were.

1st A Model  Of The Space Shuttle Atlantis

Hand Signed

By Colonel Chris Hadfield

Former Commander of The International Space Station.

2nd. A Voucher For £20

Kindly Provided By Portivo.

3rd. A nice size model of the iconic

Royal Air Force Vulcan Bomber.








Jigsaw  Gloucester  UK


Lightspeed Gloucester UK


held at this location will

be made available in this space as and when


Please re visit to check 





2, St Mary's St

Gloucester  Gl1 2QR


01452 385070

07818 485863

For More


To  view Discover Decrypt

web site.

Click Here.