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Call that a kiss!!! Any more of your wet sloppy tongue and it would be called a bath.

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Fun Feature


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......and what makes you think someone has set foot on Mars before us Eagle One ?

Smile Images & Captions

To Help Turn Our World Around.

Created By M'art.

Meanwhile.......Back down on earth, 'Wilson' the nervous pumpkin prepares for his first trip on a Gloucester based Canal Boat.

My thanks go to Lee & Sasha for providing the name of their Pumpkin.

Above pictured at Gloucester Docks.

Don't know about you boys and girls. But I reckon this lady has

one hec of a

Mobility Scooter. I want one!!!

Just kidding. Its actually a converted motorcyle.


My thanks go to 'Sandy' (pictured top left) the vehicle's owner for being a great sport in allowing me to make use of her image on our web site.


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Honest Santa.

It was not me!

Can you change me back

into M'art now ?

That's no

local (Gloucester) taxi.....

.....Anyone can see its a bus

with a bike roof rack.

Could not resist the temptation to comment on this sign found at Gloucester Docks. M'art : )


Big thanks to the above for letting me photograph an item from your stall on Gloucester Docks to use as a prop to enhance this

Fun Feature Page.


One more sniff of my backside......

......and you will be exterminated!!!


It was me!

Who just let the air out

of his tyre.

Would the Gloucester Motorcyclist jumping over car's on our docks, please refrain

from doing so.

It scares the tourists.

"Just kidding. I just saw the funny side of this Sign located a Gloucester Docks. M'art.



This Christmas, 2017,

I have decided to get a tree that will

encourage me to stay on my diet.


Click on the image left to enlarge and I reckon you will see

what I mean.......




.........and now I can not get this image of 'Snoopy' dressed like this

out of my head.


I have a

'Nurse appointment'


Gloucester Royal Hospital

in December.

One Nurse driven mad....if I just sit there grinning!!! Should this vision

re-enter my mind. M'art


What do you mean? Little green Dragon's are not allowed on Gloucester Dock's. Officer, I really do think its time Santa changed me back into M'art

It was not me!!!


Headless, armless and leggless and its still trying to dance.

I don't know, one can not take a

Christmas Tree anywhere these days.

Reckon Strictly Come Dancing has a lot to answer for if this catches on : )